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Abdication of King Michael of Romania seen by a British diplomat

on December 30, 2015

Diana Mandache's Weblog

The political turmoil in Romania in late December 1947 and early January 1948 when King Michael was forced by the communist government with the approval of their Russian masters to abdicate and leave the country is excellently described in a diplomatic despatch signed by a member of the British Legation in Bucharest. The communists, in their intreviewning five decades of dictatorship, perpetuated the lie, that HM King Michael abdicated and left Romania on his own will, taking abroad a full-load with priceless treasure train. The document also shows the crude manners and Mafia-like behaviour of the communists leaders Gheorghiu-Dej or Dr. Groza with whom King Michael and Helen, the Queen Mother had to deal during the dramatic events six decades ago. Diana Mandache


King Michael & Queen-Mother Helen

 Extract from a document of the British Legation in Bucharest addressed to the Right Honourable Clement Richard Attlee

   „…Subsequent reports from wholly reliable…

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